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Get your "vitamin sea"

We are a club of active and enthusiastic European sailors that love to share the beauty of sailing with colleagues of all parts of Europe in a unique convivial atmosphere. If you appreciate adventure, team spirit and meeting new people (and a great deal of good cooking of course) join us to find out how much fun, easy and affordable sailing is.

Beginners' course

Our experienced instructors are passionate about teaching sailing, and we use a range of techniques to ensure that you learn in a fun and instructive way. When you learn to sail with us, you will not only learn the fundamentals of sailing but also gain the skills and confidence needed to navigate the open seas. Join our community of sailing enthusiasts today!

160 € / course



(former Fit@Work)

We have been promoting the Fit@Work initiative for many years. Sailing is a great way to stay fit and get a nice tan. Sea breeze in your hair, pulling the ropes and controlling the sails to manoeuver the boat... and that is just the beginning.​The combination of exercise and being close to the nature creates a spontaneous drive allowing you to relax and soothe your busy and stressed minds. Healthy seafood is always an option to go for after a day on the water (we can recommend a few good fish restaurants for "après sail").

30€ / day

Cruise and race

Our goal at EUR Sailing Team is to help you take your sailing skills to the next level. We do participate in a number of amateur sailing races that provide an incredible opportunity to test your mettle on the water. Additionally, we also arrange longer sailing adventures that take you to new and exciting destinations. Whether you’re new to sailing or a seasoned sailor, we have something that will help you grow and develop your skills while having an adventure you’ll never forget.

60€ / day



“came back from a weekend of "initiation to sailing" feeling absolutely fantastic. Very
good weather, super nice crew (hats off to skipper Armel and sous-skipper Alessandro)
and a good dose of healthy sea air. Recommended to everyone!"

Delia, EMPL

"It was a lovely experience, not only I’ve got acquainted with the basics of sailing, but I’ve
discovered new places and new people. This is an excellent team building activity!."

Anne-Marie, OIL

“It was the first time sailing for me. I had wanted to try for a long time, but the opportunity
didn't come before. It was a beautiful experience! Everybody gets to be helpful and give a
hand, which really makes you feel part of a "crew". I am definitively keen to go out with
EUR Sailing Team again!”

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+32 2 29 63171 



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