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Yalch'ik III (in breton language: healthy and vigourous like a small mackerel) For the Round the Island Race, she has been registered under the name Yalch'ik III for GIVE-EUR-HOPE. She is a Dynamic 35ft designed by Jan Kjaerhullf (DK) in partnership with Paul Elvström (four Olympic gold medals and eleven world titles in eight different types of boat!) The Dynamic 35 is still built in Germany by the shipyard of Rudi Thum in Meersburg and is very competitive even when compared to boats of newer design.

  • Length: 10.70 m

  • Waterline: 10.00 m

  • Beam: 2.50 m

  • Weigth: 2.980 kg

  • Keel: 1.500 kg

  • Main sail: 33 m2

  • Rigging: 7/8 + backstay

  • Genua: 33 m2

  • Spinnaker (medium): 73 m2

  • 5 sleeping berths (1 double + 3 single), toilet, galley.

  • Crew: max. 8

  • IRC Certificate: 1.005 (single event certificate issued for the RTI)

EUR Sailing Team for GIVE EUR-HOPE


Cowes, 2 July

RECEIVE A FREE POSTER of EUR Sailing Team for GIVE EUR-HOPE.  Just send a mail to EUR to receive your free copy of the poster.


For the Round the Island Race 2016, Yalch'ik III for GIVE EUR-HOPE will be crewed only  by 5 members (limited by the number of sleeping berths) of the EUR Sailing Team. The Yalch'ik III crew is multi-tasks in order to perform the various role on board under the sharp eye of the skipper.

The crew positions are:

  • The skipper: He has the responsability of the crew and the boat. He is competent to deal with any weather condition and situations. He is responsible for a safe navigation and is assisted by the crew  in running the yacht efficiently.

  • The mainsail trimmer:  Trims mainsail for the best speed and tactics. He communicates constantly with the headsail trimmer and helmsman to keep both sails in the same trim mode, maintain a balanced sail plan, and keep the boat going on the right heading and speed.

  • The headsail trimmer and bow: Communicates directly with helmsman about speed and height,  the pressure in the sail, and the location of nearby marks and other boats. He communicates with main trimmer about speed.


  • The tailer:  He tails new jib sheet during the tacks, trims guy downwind, backs up headsail trimmer and calls approaching breeze upwind

  • The pit:  Adjusts halyards, spinnaker pole settings, and some sail settings. Call time to the start. Be sure to speak loud, clear, and constant. Adjusts settings such as the vang, outhaul, or jib halyard. Assist trimmers by helping to keep the cockpit lines clear.


  • 28 June: Departure of Yalch'ik III for GIVE EUR-HOPE : Zeebrrugge - Dunkerk - Sovereign Harbour - Cowes

  • 30 June: Arrival in Cowes (Isle of Wight)

  • 1 June: Preparation of the Yalch'ik III for GIVE EUR-HOPE for the Round the Island Race 2016

  • 2 July: Round the Island Race - start at 09.20 for IRC group 2 (pink flag tbc)

  • 3 July: After the prize giving ceremony, departure to Nieuwpoort (B)

  • 5 july: Arrival in Nieuwpoort

Video of Yalch'ik III during the last edition at the Round the Island 2015!

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