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Fit@Work Sailing

EUR Sailing Team is promoting the Fit@Work initiative for the second year. Sailing is a great way to stay fit and get a nice tan. Sea breeze in your hair, pulling the ropes and controlling the sails to manoeuver the boat... and that is just the beginning.

The combination of exercise and being close to the nature creates a spontaneous drive allowing you to relax and soothe your busy and stressed minds. Healthy seafood is always an option to go for after a day on the water (we can recommend a few good fish restaurants for "apres sail").

You want to have a try? You can join at any time and reserve your sailing day/weekend with friends and colleagues! Then if you have enjoyed your sailing experience, you might like to join the club and participate in the whole ranger of activities.

Sailing on board Begin'EUR


  • Send us a mail to with subject "Fit@work" sailing - either a day or the whole weekend.

  • We will contact you and send you  a confirmation with details.

  • Transfer the participation fee to our bank account BE 98 8601 1884 5893 (BIC NICABEBB) to confirm the booking:

    • Compulsory insurance for sailing activities provided by the WWSV (one time fee of €25)

    • 1 or 2 day(s) sailing in Zeeland on Begin'EUR (Dufour "Sylphe") or a Valk boat (Verse Meer)  with a competent crew - daily participation fee of 25€.

    • Possibility to stay overnight on the boat (max. 3 persons + skipper).

  • Depending on the number of participants will be sailing on board Liberty (Jeanneau 33 - overnight up to 6 people) in Nieuwpoort with the same conditions of participation.


  • Begin'EUR is moored in Yerseke, (NL- Zeeland, 110 km).

  • Liberty is moored in Nieuwpoort (B- Nieuwpoort, 120 km)

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